When it comes to stance, this BMW knows how to show it off!



This 1996 BMW 318ti is sitting on Rokkor coils and M3 top hats. She’s rolling on Hayashi Mesh one piece wheels with 16×8 ET +4 in the front and ET +5 in the rear. They’re wrapped in 205/40/16 NRGs. She is showing off her new body with a M3 front bumper with Lux Grille and MTech Ti rear bumper, sides, and mirrors. Fitted with a custom exhaust twin loop setup, she is also sporting a 3.5 inch CAI intake. On the interior, Bryan is riding with upgraded Pioneer internals and subwoofer and a Sony head unit. Rescued in 2009 from a life of neglect, this 3 1/2 year build has had several makeovers. After many wheels, bumper styles, and schemes, Bryan finally feels she is now “on point”.  And we would have to agree!

But this 318ti isn’t the only one who has under gone some changes. Her motivated owner, Bryan, has also made an ” on point ” turn around. After overcoming some of life’s many tribulations, Bryan has managed to stay motivated and continues to push forward. Kudos Bryan!

” My car needs some more love and minor tweaks but regardless, Tessa has been with me since day one and will not leave my side.” — Bryan Munoz

We can’t wait to see just how far this E36/5 and its owner will go.


Words by: Laura Hall